Use And Function Of ERP Software In Marketing

Today we are dependent on technology because it makes our work faster and easier. there are a lot of examples where we can see the benefit of the technology. Whereas, certain examples show the disadvantageous side of it. For instance, internet scams and hacking, addiction, data loss due to malfunction, etc.

To prevent such problems there are multiple software are also available. Softwares are a set of programs that makes a computer function in that order. That is a set of rules, an algorithm. There are different kinds of software that are designed. but, today we will be looking at the ERP software.

What is ERP software and why it is used?

Enterprise Resource Planning is abbreviated as ERP. It is software that helps the companies to keep track of and monitor all the daily activities like, financial data, management of projects, risk factors in implementation, etc.

this software has become very important in today’s world as many businesses use it to record important data, which is harder for humans to keep a track of.

Another benefit of erp software is that it eliminates risk factors involved in data stealing. Data duplication is prohibited such that a single data copy remains. Thus, two tied-up companies can share contributed transactional data within themselves.

A complete ERP suite contains an extra software called, enterprise performance management, which helps in planning and prediction of the budget on financial statements and reports of the company. Thus it becomes very helpful for the company.

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