The importance of taking a good photograph

Photography has many definitions, some etymological, some techniques, some formal. But at the end of everything there is a meeting point where it is defined that: “Photography is the art of writing with light.” Click here for newborn baby photography.

The photography does not deteriorate over time, the memory does!

If you have a significant life experience and store it in your memory, over the years and your old age it will deteriorate. But if you keep it in a digital medium, that memory will remain intact for many years. More than seeing a photograph as many times as you want, it is being able to move you to that wonderful moment that, in addition to the memory, remains. Visit this site for newborn baby photography.

I tell you that it is not just that, it is having the control of infecting whoever you want, it is reliving that emotion of an important moment. For some reason they say that a photo speaks more than a thousand words and it is not in vain, if you keep only the memory, it is impossible for you to transmit it, but if you have a photograph you will transmit the memory easier.

Photography has invaded us and we did not realize

I am almost sure that you did not realize that photography is part of you, that it invaded us, became part of thousands of people. Many already do it automatically and involuntarily, they are with someone special and they take a photo, we are celebrating and we take a photo, they are eating and taking a photo, even of the most tragic and painful moments they also take photos.

This happens because so many people have become accustomed to telling story with images, they share their daily lives, their feelings are represented with images.

Photography is so powerful that it can draw tears of sadness or joy, even if you are millions of kilometers from the place where that photo was taken, even if you do not know who appears in the portrait.

Why is photography important?

Photography, despite being one of the last arts to develop, is one of the most important, because more than a photo, it represents the immortalization of a special moment, which will never happen again.

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