Being aware helps!

Before becoming an active part of any organization it would be wise to know about them and be aware so that you are not taken for a ride. Those that claim to give you heaven have been there for centuries and one is the south korea cult. Far from taking people to heaven they have misled people into falsehood and ultimately to ruin. This is what we come across about these secretive cults that are in Korea called as the shincheonji church of Jesus or SCJ for short. Many of its former members have escaped from there and have come out in the open to tell the truth about this organization.

How to reach the words of god with ease?

Far away from the truth!

  • From the testimonials that are given on the webpage, it can be seen that the organization has distorted the true teachings on the bible and has given them their own color and flavor which is completely far away from the original message,
  • Their concept about the spirituality and the end of times are against what you see from the original.
  • The concept of spirituality is also missing as they take the verses out of the context and try to fit them to their advantage.
  • They steal Christians from the churches and make them follow what they have to say instead of the original message.
  • They are deceiving the people with falsehood but claim to give them the actual message.

You can also read the testimonials given by the former member of the south korea cult as well as the archives which will take you to the facts of this secretive organization that gives verses that are not found in the bible at all.




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