How Do Cooling Mattresses Work and What Are They?

The development of cooling technology has given consumers more new bedding options than ever before. Mattress companies have made significant strides in recent years.

Determining which cooling mattress is ideal for you can seem like a difficult task if you’re curious about purchasing one. Fortunately, reading this article if you want to buy cooling mattress in singapore.

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How Can Cooling Technology Improve Your Sleep?

First things first, though. Why would anyone want a bed with cooling features? One thing needs to be made clear before we can properly discuss the subject: you are hot.

In other words, your warm-blooded body is warm!

Humans are naturally warmer than most objects we come into contact with, with an average body temperature of 98.6° F. The natural heat radiation from human bodies can raise the temperature of other elements when they come into contact with them.

This explains why items like beds or blankets can feel warm after extended contact with a human body. Thermoregulation, a physiological process that keeps people at their ideal body temperature, helps people stay cool.

Sleeping under blankets, particularly during the sweltering summer months, can raise body temperature because the human body naturally produces heat. The heat that remains from the body’s natural radiation is what causes the rise in body temperature.

  • Encourages deeper slumber

As was mentioned earlier, the average human body temperature drops slightly while sleeping. People who struggle with the heat may have trouble getting a good night’s sleep. Nobody wants hot nights that result in restless mornings.

Thanks to the abundance of cooling options that are readily available today, getting a restful night’s sleep in a cool environment is now easier than ever.

  • encourages energy efficiency

When summertime rolls around, it can be difficult to fight the urge to turn on the air conditioner. However, relying on your AC will only be advantageous in the short run and end up costing you money in the long run!

To reduce your utility costs, make your bed cooler! Hot nights are easier to handle when your bed actively contributes to your cooling down along with your air conditioner.

  • Removes the Heat From Your Partner

Humans have warm blood, so because of this, we tend to have higher body temperatures.

While staying warm is beneficial for survival, being warm at midnight in the middle of summer can be downright annoying. You might as well be sleeping in a toaster oven when your partner’s body heat is added.

Fortunately, a cooling mattress allows you to sleep next to the warmest person while remaining cool, and a moisture-wicking mattress gives you peace of mind that overheating won’t damage your mattress.

  • helps reduce night sweats

Night sweats can occur for several reasons, such as anxiety, difficulty sleeping, or negative drug reactions. Night sweats can be unpleasant and make it hard to get to sleep.

A cooler mattress is one way to lessen some of the heat that night sweats can bring on. The moisture-wicking technologies found in many cooling mattresses and accessories allow you to sleep without as much discomfort.


Different Forms of Cooling Technology

Now that you are aware of the potential advantages of cooling technology, what choices do you have? Read on to learn about 5 different types of mattress cooling technologies that may be suitable for you rather than spending hours reading through individual mattress reviews and deciding which type and style to select.

  1. Gel Foam

Many mattress manufacturers now use memory foam as a standard, and gel foam is a variant of memory foam. To help you sleep cooler, gel memory foam uses layers that contain gel microbeads that absorb body heat.

Mattress toppers and hybrid mattresses made of memory foam and coil springs both use cooling gel memory foam.

  1. Pocket Coils

Because each coil spring in a pocket coil mattress is covered in its section of fabric, they differ from traditional spring mattresses. When compared to traditional spring systems, individual coils are packed closer together, which results in less shifting when your body moves and more airflow than a memory foam mattress would have.

You can shop with confidence now that you are aware of what mattress cooling technology is and the different kinds of materials used to make it.

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