Transition lens – Most desired option from men

All the usual glasses-wearers out there know exactly how annoying it can be when you have to continuously change between your prescription eyeglasses and your protective sunglasses. There is reply to this annoying experience: Transition lenses! Transition lenses are traditionally called Transitions lenses, as a result of major manufacturer producing them. As you might already know, transitional lenses are clear prescription eyeglass lenses which gradually become shaded into sunglasses when exposed to ultraviolet light. If you are searching for the reliable mens eyeglasses, choosing transition lens would be the best option and this made by many people. They give you all the protection from damaging rays that regular sunglasses provide you, in the convenience on just 1 pair of frames. Who wants to fumble around searching for a further pair, anyway?

For the development from clear lenses to shaded sunglasses to occur, the lenses should have a particular mix of substances that, when exposed to UV rays, they react with one another and become darker. The conversion does not only happen in any lit air; it should specifically have the effect of ultraviolet light. Therefore, there can be times when you’re outside but the lenses are not transitioning; this is as they aren’t receiving sufficient exposure to UV rays.

One interesting point to notice about transition lenses online is that you don’t see them transition instantly. This can be somewhat worrisome for new buyers nonetheless, worry not! The minute you walk out and the lenses come in contact with the UV light, they immediately start protecting your eyes from the damaging UVA and UVB rays. The lenses may take around fifteen minutes total to completely darken – though usually it’s observable within five minutes. Along the same note, when entering a room, the lenses may take a couple of minutes to completely adjust to being clear.

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