When you are planning to move to another country and become an immigrant, then you should know the different types of immigrant applications that certain countries require for people who seek citizenship there.

In this article, let us discuss the eb3 visa, its meaning, its main function and its importance so that you will have a broader knowledge of it that will help in your journey.

An EB-3 visa is an immigrant visa which refers to the category applied in the United States (US) which is for employment-based that seeks permanent residency in the United States. This type of visa is intended for people who are skilled workers, professionals and other types of working professionals.

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These are prospective immigrants who are not qualified for the EB-1 or EB-2 visa preferences as the EB-3 visa requirements have a lesser stringent or not that strict compliance for application, however, it has a backlog that can be a long list which can last up to six to nine years but in India, it has a longer backlog which reaches to more than a decade. EB-3 applicants also have to come up with an employer willing to sponsor them for citizenship in their application for permanent residency in the United States as they are prohibited to apply for the self-petition category for immigration or applying for a green card.

The people eligible for the EB-3 category are professionals, skilled workers, and other types of workers that are sub-categorized as mentioned above and the primary requirements are labor certification, a permanent or a fulltime job offer, and the ability to demonstrate a performance of his/her work that is not available in their preferred country.

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