The abc of the unique wisdom tooth

It is likely that most have heard about wisdom teeth, but what exactly are they? What should be done if felt pain?What are the post-operative care and effects?In this article we tell you in detail about the famous wisdom teeth so that you have no doubt about it. Click here for wisdom tooth extraction singapore.

Why are they called “wisdom teeth”?

Its name is related to the age at which these molars usually appear (from the age of 16), where people have a more developed and complete trial compared to the appearance of the rest of the final dentition that occurs between the 6 and 12 years. Visit this site for wisdom tooth extraction singapore.

What should i do if i feel pain?

The first thing you should do is go to your dentist to make an analysis and diagnosis of the case. Most likely, we will take a panoramic x-ray of our mouth to see the location, size and position in which the wisdom teeth are located, and their relationship with nearby structures such as adjacent molars and inferior alveolar nerve. It will also assess whether there is any type of infection around them or the formation of a cyst around the crown of the non-erupted tooth.

After the oral examination, the specialist dentist will tell us if it is necessary or not to remove the wisdom teeth, and if it is necessary to take some type of anti-inflammatory and / or antibiotic medication before and after the intervention.

wisdom tooth extraction

What are the post-operative care and effects?

It is normal that after the removal of the wisdom teeth you feel discomfort in the area such as passing numbness of the mouth or nausea from anesthesia. The specialist in charge of the intervention is likely to prescribe medications to relieve pain and prevent any type of infection after surgery.

It is important to take special care during the 24 hours after the intervention and not spit out, do not rinse your mouth with too much force, and brush your neighboring teeth gently, since exerting a lot of pressure or strong movements can cause the wound to bleed.

During the recovery days it is advisable to follow a soft diet and be very careful with cleaning the area where the teeth have been removed. It is also advised not to perform intense physical exercise, smoking or drinking very hot liquids especially as long as the anesthesia is not completely passed.

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