The need to change and look different has been with the man for many years.After experiencing many years of being the same, many thought out of a  way of turning to be a different species. This is why we see the impact of technology in our lives.It came to change us. To make us look different. For sure we have changed, and we are different from our ancestors. We have tried to ensure that we are as advanced as possible.

Technology has ensured that we experience our days in better ways. We have really improved. We are now modernized and improved. The need to have your own playlist of videos has been solved through YouTube. Then the proxy, which can help you protect your privacy.It is very now taken that it is a hideme site. This is because many wish to access the intent , and not wanting others to know that you are online. The need for fir change has been here for long.


We keep on noticing changes because technology brings them every new day. There are many changes that technology has brought. It must be noted that every day is a new day and so it must come with new things.Our lives are now better .our lives are our own. The security agents must protect us from the cyber-crimes. We must for sure be safe and secure. Whatever happens, our lives are very important. We must be sure. The security agents must protect our lives as required.

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