Skill sharing by Graphic app

Sharing knowledge and ideas enhances you to do your work better. By sharing your ideas and knowledge at work you will be exposed to a side you may never thought before with the attitude to learn cutting edge skills here.

Skill sharing through graphics

This class will tell you about the Graphics app and the how to use different range of equipment or tools present in graphic app. This course is appropriate for beginners and no previous experience is wanted or required. In this class iPad and graphic app is needed.

Graphic app is a complete- trait graphic designs and illustrations application for iPad.

It has all the tool and equipment required for the preparation of any art which specifies the priority for the discovery with the way you can take on to learn cutting-edge skills here.

This app allows you to create multifaceted vector-based PDF and SVG files by means of the powerful pen tool for modified shape. This app also suggest layers such as shadows, glow, multiple strokes and fills, as well as canvas scale, rulers, and units to create dimensions with precision. You can also use brush and pencil tool for fluid drawing and sketching.

How is it helpful?

Here you will be learning about the reusable card template and uses of various tools present in the app. Now days, graphics are more attractive and plays a major role on creating the outlook of your website rather the word engraved. The graphic learning provides an easily steer and friendly interface.

In this class they will be sharing their technique of hand drawn half drop format, Digital design, Design forms. Preparation of greeting card, sketch to wrapping paper, Drawing imaginary world, Painting light and shadow, Modern brush calligraphy, Graphic illustration, Logo designs and grids, surface pattern design etc.By knowing proper graphic app you can develop a website. And of course, don’t keep or set high expectations at first, as it will take keen study for years to develop into enormous.

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