Picoseconds for spotting the myth

The dust stains are not possible by PicoGenius. PicoGenius is having the wisdom of controlling and spotting to reach the extreme dusty melanin.

The latest generation of picosecond laser PicoGenius is despeckled, which are using dual-wavelength and dual focus technology. It can be intelligently adjusted according to the size, nature, depth, and state of stain.

Picoway Picosecond, laser spotting can it hurt.


PicoGenius picosecond spotting technology has the very short pulse time of 350ps, which is currently available in the market. The highest energy is in contact with the skin in the shortest time, which is 14 times shorter than the traditional laser 5 nanoseconds. It will reduce the heat and the damage, which is caused by picoseconds to the skin. Even when you are not getting drunk, you will not feel the pain.

Picoway pico second spotting, laser spotting will definitely be black?

Traditional laser spotting using the photo-thermal effect for breaking down the melanin, which is only shattering the pigment into the small particles. It is not completely breaking the pigment mass, which often causes the melanin to float on the surface of the skin. Melanin precipitation, inflammation is causing the anti-black phenomenon. On the contrary, PicoGenus picosecond laser spotting technology is producing the photo-acoustic effect on the stain in the unit of one billion of a second. It is instantly a dusty stain and is easily absorbed by the body. The heat damage is reduced and the anti-black opportunities also.

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