Jewelry that will not disturb your work

Fitted jewelry adds charm to a woman. However, hanging trinkets at work can affect our image. How do you choose jewelry for the place where we work? Is there butterfly necklaces  jewelry in the office? Especially for you, we have collected information about the rules for wearing earrings or a necklace at work. We also chose the most beautiful jewelry that will not interfere with everyday activities.

Jewelry at work – what to consider when choosing?

When choosing jewelry for work, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the accessories were both modest and elegant. Shiny elements can catch the eye while distracting us from what we have to say. For this reason, silver or white gold jewelry works best in the office. You can also choose butterfly necklaces. Let’s decide on a maximum of two accessories (e.g., earrings and a necklace or earrings and a watch). At work, we want to be professionals, so we choose jewelry that does not attract attention to places considered erotic. The best choices are classic accessories that will emphasize beauty, but at the same time will not be intrusive.

Jewelry at work – necklaces

We often choose necklaces for work, the length of which should not exceed 5 cm below the collarbones. We can choose pearls or opt for a necklace with light stones. If we like dark colors, remember that the necklace should have a medium-sized stone. Ladies also often decide to buy a popular celebrity or a modest gold chain that will perfectly match an elegant black dress or white blouse. It is worth matching a silver necklace with a circle to light clothes.

Jewelry at work – earrings

If you like earrings, you can also put them on to work. Remember that they should not distract you, e.g., by tapping the telephone receiver during a telephone conversation.

butterfly necklacesSpecify your gold preferences

Which is quite obvious, before we make a purchase, we must accurately determine the style and preferences of the person we want to give. For example, although the popular gold pendant at different web pages will make most women happy. For this reason, you should first look carefully at the one that you want to give to the jewelry.

Specify whether it has gold pendants for the chain or silver. Note whether the pendants are delicate or expressive and richly decorated. Once we know this, making a choice will not be a big challenge. The choice may be a bit harder if we don’t have the opportunity to determine the preferences of the other person.

Pay attention to age

If we do not know the tastes about jewelry, we should be guided by the age of the woman we want to give. We can start from the simple assumption that young women prefer delicacy and subtlety. In their case, a simple gold pendant will work perfectly.

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