Hiring Post-Construction Cleaning in Cincinnati, OH

A place newly constructed needs detailed and deep cleaning before it can be inhabited. This type of cleaning can only be done by people who are experienced and professional in their services. Another important aspect is the equipment and tools required to clean the place, which we individually do not possess. So once construction is finished, it is essential to start looking for companies that offer construction clean up in cincinnati, OH, to ensure the entire place is ready for people to move in and is completely clean.

Things included in post-construction waste: –

Objects or materials left behind after construction are sometimes extraordinarily harmful and dangerous, so one should not attempt to clean them alone. Professional expertise is needed to handle and dispose of them with care. The waste left behind includes pieces of metals, glass, wood, tiles, plaster, nails, cement, wires, mercury, ceramics, paints or varnishes, etc. Some of these are hazardous in nature if not appropriately handled. Some materials can be recycled, and others should be disposed of environmentally friendly. These steps are taken by many companies that offer post-construction clean-up services.

The Importance of Post-Construction Cleanup Pt. 2 - Commercial Cleaning  Corporation

The phases of post-construction cleaning: –

Essentially, three phases take place sequentially. These are: –

  1. Rough cleaning phase: This phase’s primary focus is removing objects that cannot be vacuumed. Debris and other leftover items are removed, followed by the essential vacuuming and sweeping.
  2. Light cleaning phase: This phase includes the thorough cleaning of kitchens, sinks, bathrooms, wardrobes, windows, glass areas, doors, walls, etc. Facilities like air ducts need to be cleaned using the appropriate equipment to remove dust. This is one of the most elaborate phases of cleaning.
  3. Final cleaning phase: Also known as the touch-up phase, this phase takes place two or three days after the first two phases to give time for any dust and debris left behind to settle. This phase does not take much time as the primary cleaning is already completed.

So, it is better to hire professional services for cleaning up after construction as they ensure not to leave behind any dangerous materials and follow the three post-construction phases.

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