Egg donors are crucial for surrogacy

Even the word ‘Infertility’ is such a harsh word and for couples suffering from it can be such a traumatic experience. When they come to know that they have difficulty conceiving, they go through an indescribable pain to see their dreams being shattered. Surrogacy has come as a boon to such couples. It is advised when a woman is not able to carry a child in her womb for health reasons. In surrogacy, the embryo is implanted in another woman’s womb. She is called the surrogate. The woman carries the child for nine months, gives birth and hands over the baby to the parents. In most surrogacy, the egg of the parent is used but for those women who do not produce eggs or whose ovary does not function normally, an Egg donation California donor would be required.

Egg donors are important in a surrogacy

There are many cases in which the intended mother’s eggs are not good enough to have a healthy baby. In some, the person’s ovaries may not be functioning normally while for some, there might be some genetic disorders that require them to get a donor than use their own eggs. A woman’s uterus may not be strong or healthy enough to carry a baby and neither will her ovaries may be producing the eggs as per the requirement. In such a case, the mother will require the services of an egg donor as well as that of a surrogate. Thus, egg donors are of crucial importance in such surrogacies.

Similarly, when gay couples want to have a child via surrogacy, they also require an egg donor. Also, when a single man wishes to become a father, he has to opt for surrogacy and an egg donor. Thus, in most surrogacy, the egg donor plays a vital role.

Egg donation California is a noble task and it can help realize someone’s long cherished dream to be a parent. Healthy eggs are necessary to have healthy babies. Thus egg donors are very important in surrogacy. A healthy woman continues to produce eggs at least till 40. So, donation eggs will not diminish your fertility. Egg donors help couples overcome the tag of being ‘infertile’ and help them to get a family. Thus, egg donation is not just about a business or money, it is about kindness and humanity.  By donating healthy eggs, egg donors are also ensuring birth of healthy children and long-time happiness for many.

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