Choosing Excellent Fashion Jeans

When choosing jeans, remember that they should not be too baggy or snug too close to parts of the body that you do not want to attract more attention to. Focusing on the size of jeans, it is usually represented by a fractional part of two numbers; the first indicates the size of the waist, the second in length.

The length of the jeans is recorded in inches from 28 to 38. 28-inch jeans are suitable for people who are about 157 centimeters tall. 36-inch jeans are designed for those who are 190 centimeters tall. Today it is fashionable to wear jeans with boots. And don’t buy jeans that are too long for you to shorten. If you cut your jeans, the proportions will change, the denim will deteriorate, and all aesthetics will be broken. Then do not do this. As a last resort, you can always climb the ends of your jeans.

You can check the color stability of denim using a combination technique. Take a match, immerse it in water and put in denim. If the match turns color, your jeans will be tinted while you use them. However, color matching does not necessarily mean poor quality denim. High-quality repainted jeans can also lose color. But this effect disappears after the first wash.

กางเกง ยีน แฟชั่น can help you hide the flaws of your figure and emphasize its merits. The range of fashionable jeans models is so diverse that you can definitely find a pair that is perfect for you. In order not to draw additional attention to the shortcomings of your figure, you need to know the general rules for choosing jeans.


Well-rounded hips should not be covered with very skinny jeans. This is why stretch jeans are definitely not for you to wear. Banana jeans are likely to be the perfect fit for your figure. They are weakened from above and tightened from below. Those with voluptuous buttocks should lift them and balance proportions with the help of hipsters.

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