An Area Gas Monitor Can Save Lives

Around the world, many industries deal with toxic chemicals and inflammable gases. These gases are hazardous for the workers in case of a leak. To ensure the safety of workers, measures have to be taken. Proper preventive measures like an area gas monitor and a detector must be set up to caution the workers about a gas leak in time to avoid human losses.

What does a Gas monitor Do?

It detects high levels of harmful gases like hydrogen sulfide, Carbon Monoxide, and combustible gases like HBr, HF, HCl, and nitrates. Inflammable gases burst out in flames when exposed to air and cause blasts. When inhaled, toxic fumes like sulfides and chlorides can cause severe damage to the human body and even cause death. When installed, an area gas monitor senses the levels of gases in the air from time to time and, if there is Oxygen deficiency, sends out an alarm.

Why and Where It is needed?

  • It is a must in industries dealing with toxic chemicals like paints, adhesives, and power plants.
  • These are a must for firefighters when fighting fires caused by chemicals. With the help of an area gas monitor, they can be cautious about the possible spread of fire or new bursts of flames.
  • The mining industry needs it as they work under the land and are prone to O2 depletion.
  • Biogas plants produce methane which is highly inflammable, along with it due to decomposition in the absence of O2, Sulphides are also sometimes present in these plants, and a leak could cause lives in and around the plants.


The world has seen the effects of harmful fumes from various incidents. Learn from prior experiences and prevent human losses by installing an area gas monitor and securing the perimeter.

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